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What Color is the Right Color for Your Roof?

Published 05/23/2013

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Alan Bradley Roofing in Tucson, AZ knows that there are various items to consider when it comes to installing a new roof or replacing the existing roof on your Tucson home. You will probably come across the expected decisions such as what type of roof fits your home best or what types of materials work for your budget, but you may also come across the question of what color should your roof be. So aside from your favorite football team’s color being red, what should the driving factors be in deciding what color roof you need for your home?

For residential projects, there are four main items to consider when choosing a color for your roof: the style of your home, the color of the house, your surrounding community and HOA regulations and of course, the local climate.

Style of home

The style of your home is major contributing factor in selecting a color. Here in the Old Pueblo, we see many homes with a Spanish influence as well as a rustic Southwestern-style that effortlessly pairs with terracotta tile roofs. However, if you were living in Northern Arizona, surrounded by tall pines and winter snow falls, metal roofing in brown or green hues will not only help your home blend into the natural surrounding, but also help shed the snow fall in the winter months.

Color of your home

The color of your existing home can also impact your decision of color for the roof. If you have a light colored house, you could contrast the hue of the home with a dark shingle roof, giving it a traditional feel. A brown or darker tan colored house can look great with a mix of cream and brown roofing. You also want to keep in mind how the color combination you choose might affect the value of your home. Neutral colors are generally a safe pick that will stay in style for many years, helping to ensure a good resale value for your home.

Community and HOA regulations

Many communities with a Home Owners Association (HOA) may have a predetermined palate that you need to choose from in order to keep the neighborhood looking uniform. Be sure to check with their regulations prior to choosing a type of material and color for your roof. Even if there isn’t an HOA in place in your area, you want to make sure that your home isn’t the one that sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of your neighbors! You may not want to copy your neighbor’s roofing style, but you do want to choose a color that will work well with their home.

Local Climate

Your local climate can play a big role in the color choice for your roof. The color of your roofing can help keep energy bills down, particularly here in Tucson with the high summer heat. The color of your roof can affect the temperature of your attic or roof structure by 20 to 40 degrees and can make a pretty big difference in the heating and cooling of your home. White or light roofing is ideal for Tucson homes because it can reflect the sunlight and help keep the temperature of your home down. You can also refer to our recent post on the benefits of tile roofing for your home to learn more about how that material can help keep your cooling costs down as well.

You should always consult with a roofing expert when looking to make a change to your roof. Alan Bradley Roofing will gladly answer any questions may have and help you find the color and look that is just right for your home. Contact us today for free estimate!