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Benefits of Tile Roofing in Tucson

Published 05/10/2013

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Tile roofing can come with many great advantages for your Tucson home. Beyond the great aesthetic appeal that tile roofing can have—tying in to the rustic southwestern charm of our local homes—tile roofs can also last for 100 years or more.

Roof tiles come in various options for materials, such as slate, clay, concrete and even plastic, as well as different roof tile shapes including flat, roman, barrel and more. Any of the shapes work in an overlapping and interlocking method, hung in parallel rows from the roof’s framework. The roofing tiles’ unique structure drains water well and also has other important features:

Air Circulation

Because of their overlapping design, a tile roof lets air circulate nicely under the tiles and allows the roof to cool off and release the heat from the sun more quickly. They also have a high solar reflectance, which can add to the cooling efficiency of your home.

Fire safety

Usually, roofing tiles are made up of noncombustible materials such as ceramic or concrete, and can enhance your home’s level of fire safety.


Roofing tiles, especially cement or concrete tiles, are very long lasting. They don’t rust, rot, curl or burn. Clay roof tiles are also great for standing up the weather elements and their durability will even increase over time with exposure.

A couple disadvantages to roofing tiles however are their weight, which requires a heavy-duty support structure. The different materials and shapes will affect the total weight per square foot of your roof, ranging from 6 pounds up to 18 pounds per square foot. Roofing tiles can also have a higher cost than other roof products, such as shingle roofs, the lowest-cost option for roofing.

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