Benefits of Metal Roofing in Tucson AZ

In our last post, we briefly discussed the possible benefits of using metal roofing on your home if you lived in Northern Arizona with the surrounding forest and more frequent snow falls. But what about using a metal roof here in Tucson? With the hot summer days already in full swing and the monsoon season just around the corner, Alan Bradley Roofing wants you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

shelton1Lets take a look at some of the benefits of metal roofing in Tucson:



Although the initial installation of a metal is more expensive than an asphalt shingled roof, a major percentage of those costs can be made up over the long run, especially if you plan on staying in that home for a long time. Asphalts roofs are much more likely to develop leaks and need repairs over time and will need to be replaced completely every 15-20 years. Metal roofs have a proven performance expectation of over 50 years.

Energy Efficient

In our hot Tucson climate, a metal roof can be much more energy efficient than an asphalt roof. Its highly reflective properties can lower cooling loads and keep your air conditioner from having to work so hard. Pre-painted or granular coated metal roofing systems not only reflect solar energy but also cool your home by re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed.

Low Weight

Unlike tile roofs, whose heavy weight requires a heavy-duty support structure, metal roofs are very low in weight. They can weight as low as 0.5 pounds per square foot; compare that to the 6 to 18 pounds per square foot with tile roofs! This low weight can help preserve the structural integrity and life of your roof and your home.


According to the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. landfills every year. But a metal roof can be installed over your current roof, without removing any of the materials that are already there, helping to reduce the amount of shingle waste that goes into the landfills. Furthermore, metal roofing is a very eco-friendly roofing material. It is generally made from recycled materials, and if a metal roof is removed, it too can be recycled.

Rain Harvesting

With the official start of monsoons coming up in the next few days, we feel that is also worthwhile to note that metal roofs are excellent for rainwater harvesting. Its smooth and clean surface means less filtering is needs than with asphalt shingles, which can cast off small particles of materials and even other chemicals from the materials used in installation.


Whatever your roofing needs, Alan Bradley Roofing is here to help you out. If you have any questions about what the right roof for your home and budget maybe, contact us and we’d be happy to help you out. And with the monsoons drawing near, be sure to keep us in mind for any leaks and roof repairs!

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  • Rosario Flores says:

    I’m looking for a quote on metal roofing for my home. Please give me a call or email.

  • Nathan Sanderson says:

    Rain harvesting is one of my favorite benefits of having a metal roof! Especially living in AZ.

  • Paul Pullen says:

    What kind of metal is used in this type of roofing. Do you have to paint this product periodically? How come aluminum is supposed to last only 25 years, and I installed it on a building in 1975 and has never leaked since? Do you use aluminum and if not why not, I know it comes in Colors and doesn’t seem to need to be repainted. It does oxidize but who will know on a roof! Also I have an approximate 1200 sq. foot roof and approximately a 1300 sq ft roof. How much would it cost to do both, I know you can only give an estimate since you have not seen or measured these roofs.

  • I would like a quote on the cost to put a white metal roof on my house that is 1201 square feet. Thanks for your time.

  • Ofelq Zepeda & Tony Celentano says:

    We need to replace our roof soon and looking into metal roofing. We will be looking to get quotes.

  • Brett Martin says:

    Looking for an estimate to change our wood shingle fascia in our townhome complex to metal.

  • jd wright says:

    I have a flat roof. can my roof be built up a bit to include a little slope for a metal roof?
    i hate flat roofs in Tucson, it does not make sense with our monsoon season.
    i would like a quote 520 668 1886
    jd wright


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