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In Tucson, it is very common to find homes with flat roofs. That’s because these roofs are not only stylish but practical too. However, did you know that there are actually three kinds of flat roofs? They are a modified bitumen, built-up roof and rubber membrane.


Out of all the types of flat roofs, the modified bitumen is by far the most common. That’s because it features a lot more benefits that the average tar and gravel system. The modified bitumen roof is much better at preventing leaks and can withstand UV degradation for a longer amount of time. They also appear practically seamless, which means that you get to fully reap in the advantages of the insulation beneath. Most importantly, though, a modified bitumen roof is created to make maintenance easier since it shows exactly where leaks are located and what needs repairs. Here at Alan Bradley Roofing, Bitumen roofs are our specialty.


Built-up roofing is another type of flat roof Tucson. They are usually more popular with residential homes, whereas the modified bitumen is more seen with commercial businesses. Opposed to the modified bitumen, built-up roofing is made from three or more plies of waterproof material that’s intertwined with hot tar. Many homeowners opt for this kind of flat roof because gravel is fire retardant. It also is visually appealing for any homes that have windows and decks that overlook the roof. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive types of flat roofs.


The rubber membrane type of flat roof is often chosen by those individuals who are looking for a roof that will be durable. That’s because the rubber used here is meant to last, as it’s designed to resist any damage that the UV rays of the sun often bring. Generally, a rubber membrane roof is anchored to the building with the help of fasteners or else it’s just glued on. This flat roof Tucson is very easy to install compared to the rest and resistant to tears that may develop over time. Leaks are even easy to fix here.


While there are a lot of advantages that come with getting a flat roof installed on your home in Tucson, it should be noted that these roofs tend to need repairs more often than other sloped roofs. That’s because they bake all day long in the high temperatures, so they need work more often to fix the damage accumulated from the sun. That’s why if you want a flat roof installed on your home or need roof repair services, give us a call at Alan Bradley Roofing. We are here to help.

Tucson Flat Roof Systems – Modified Bitumen

In Tucson flat roof systems aren’t something we would consider a rarity. In fact, they are quite common, but did you know there are several types of systems for flat roofs (some better than others)?

One of the best flat roof systems you can invest in is known as bitumen roofing. Also referred to as a ‘modified’ bitumen (MB) roof, this type of system has many advantages compared to your typical tar and gravel system.

MB roofs are superior in that they better prevent leaks, stand up to UV degradation for longer periods, and best of all they are virtually seamless – thus ensuring you get the most out of the insulation beneath.

A bitumen roof has 5 layers including the insulation at the base and the optional, though highly recommended, roof coating on top. In between, your roof gets the strength and durability of modified base sheets adhered (with waterproof and extra strength bonding material) to synthetic, co-polymer bitumen membranes that come reinforced with polyester (or fiberglass).

The benefits of this type of system are endless. Not only does it withstand the harshest desert conditions that we experience in the Tucson valley, but it also is designed to make maintenance easier by better revealing leak locations and other roof repair issues.

Cover your bitumen roof with an application of the highest quality Elastek® roof coating material and you’ve got yourself a force to be reckoned with. Once a year roof inspection is recommended, but generally you won’t see more than a few problems in your new roof’s extended lifetime.

If you’re looking for something similar, but modified bitumen doesn’t quite interest you, we also do built-up roofing! Built-up roofs are more popular amongst residential homes and bitumen amongst commercial businesses, but we have the tools and the professionals to do either or, regardless of it being a commercial or residential building.

In any event, give us a call at Alan Bradley Roofing Tucson AZ (520-300-9983) and we’d be happy to evaluate your roof and consult with you over the best system for your home or business!