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In Tucson, it is very common to find homes with flat roofs. That’s because these roofs are not only stylish but practical too. However, did you know that there are actually three kinds of flat roofs? They are a modified bitumen, built-up roof and rubber membrane.


Out of all the types of flat roofs, the modified bitumen is by far the most common. That’s because it features a lot more benefits that the average tar and gravel system. The modified bitumen roof is much better at preventing leaks and can withstand UV degradation for a longer amount of time. They also appear practically seamless, which means that you get to fully reap in the advantages of the insulation beneath. Most importantly, though, a modified bitumen roof is created to make maintenance easier since it shows exactly where leaks are located and what needs repairs. Here at Alan Bradley Roofing, Bitumen roofs are our specialty.


Built-up roofing is another type of flat roof Tucson. They are usually more popular with residential homes, whereas the modified bitumen is more seen with commercial businesses. Opposed to the modified bitumen, built-up roofing is made from three or more plies of waterproof material that’s intertwined with hot tar. Many homeowners opt for this kind of flat roof because gravel is fire retardant. It also is visually appealing for any homes that have windows and decks that overlook the roof. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive types of flat roofs.


The rubber membrane type of flat roof is often chosen by those individuals who are looking for a roof that will be durable. That’s because the rubber used here is meant to last, as it’s designed to resist any damage that the UV rays of the sun often bring. Generally, a rubber membrane roof is anchored to the building with the help of fasteners or else it’s just glued on. This flat roof Tucson is very easy to install compared to the rest and resistant to tears that may develop over time. Leaks are even easy to fix here.


While there are a lot of advantages that come with getting a flat roof installed on your home in Tucson, it should be noted that these roofs tend to need repairs more often than other sloped roofs. That’s because they bake all day long in the high temperatures, so they need work more often to fix the damage accumulated from the sun. That’s why if you want a flat roof installed on your home or need roof repair services, give us a call at Alan Bradley Roofing. We are here to help.

Johns Manville, It’s Top Notch. We Trully Mean That!

We talk about roofs but our amazing roofing technology provider, the Johns Manville, gives customers top of the market quality and the newest forms of roof engineering out there! They work on perfecting low slope roofing solutions and construct highly protective, energy efficient and cost effective roofs! An integrated JM system delivers more value than individually purchased roofing pieces, due too it’s engineered package roofing methodology. Tested severly and proven to work together, the elements of a JM roofing system are designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual building. This banner shows everything that Johns Manville is:



Lastly, their amazing innovations, all in the order listed:

  • Multiple Cool Roof Systems — to include TPO and PVC single ply roofing systems; and SBS CR and BUR Glaskap® CR reflective, white mineral surfaced cap sheets
  • Next Generation PVC — Johns Manville’s PVC formulation with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE technology offering longer lasting protection
  • JMCleanBond™ — a self-adhering technology for cleaner installation of SBS modified bitumen
  • Invinsa® Roof Board — a lightweight board that reduces labor and optimizes longevity of the roof system
  • SeamFree™ Liquid Membrane System — easily applied waterproof barrier for decks with hot asphalt restrictions or numerous penetrations
  • PermaFlash® Bituminous Flashing System — a flexible liquid-applied flashing system for use on any penetration, even the most challenging

Source: http://www.specjm.com/commercial/roofing.asp

Benefits of Tile Roofing in Tucson

tile roofing tucsonTile roofing can come with many great advantages for your Tucson home. Beyond the great aesthetic appeal that tile roofing can have—tying in to the rustic southwestern charm of our local homes—tile roofs can also last for 100 years or more.

Roof tiles come in various options for materials, such as slate, clay, concrete and even plastic, as well as different roof tile shapes including flat, roman, barrel and more. Any of the shapes work in an overlapping and interlocking method, hung in parallel rows from the roof’s framework. The roofing tiles’ unique structure drains water well and also has other important features:

Air Circulation

Because of their overlapping design, a tile roof lets air circulate nicely under the tiles and allows the roof to cool off and release the heat from the sun more quickly. They also have a high solar reflectance, which can add to the cooling efficiency of your home.

Fire safety

Usually, roofing tiles are made up of noncombustible materials such as ceramic or concrete, and can enhance your home’s level of fire safety.


Roofing tiles, especially cement or concrete tiles, are very long lasting. They don’t rust, rot, curl or burn. Clay roof tiles are also great for standing up the weather elements and their durability will even increase over time with exposure.

A couple disadvantages to roofing tiles however are their weight, which requires a heavy-duty support structure. The different materials and shapes will affect the total weight per square foot of your roof, ranging from 6 pounds up to 18 pounds per square foot. Roofing tiles can also have a higher cost than other roof products, such as shingle roofs, the lowest-cost option for roofing.

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